Dr Brian Mac Namee

Dr. Brian Mac Namee is a lecturer at the School of Computing at the Dublin Institute of Technology and one of the founder members of the DIT AI Group. Briefly, his research focuses primarily on machine learning and novel applications to which ML techniques can be applied. Examples include robotics, machine vision and image processing, games and augmented/virtual reality.

Brian studied Computer Science at the University of Dublin, Trinity College before beginning a PhD there in 2000. Brian’s PhD was undertaken as part of the TCD Machine Learning Group and focused on controlling the behaviours of virtual characters in character-centric games. After completing his PhD Brian moved to Agilent Technologies, Ireland where he worked as a machine vision and machine learning research engineer on industrial automated optical inspection (AOI) problems. In 2005 Brian became a lecturer in the School of Computing at DIT where he continues to work today.


Homepage: www.comp.dit.ie/bmacnamee

Email: Brian.MacNamee <at> dit.ie