The Applied Intelligence Research Centre has a diverse team.

I am a PhD Student in Computer Science in ML- Labs based in TU Dublin. I got my master’s degree in Electronic Engineering at Kyungpook National University, South Korea. During master I was working on medical data analysis in an artificial neural network lab. Currently, I am working on bias in Natural language Processing. Gender bias describes an inherent prejudice against a gender, captured both by individuals and larger systems. Since Natural Language Processing systems reflect people's behavior, bias could affect their performances and reducing bias in a system could improve the robustness of the system. as a result, measuring and reducing bias become a controversial topic among researchers in machine leaning area. Bias Could be found in multiple part of an NLP system. Including training data, word embedding and algorithm themselves. The focus of my research is mainly on identifying, measuring, and mitigating the gender bias in training dataset in classification task by using Machine learning algorithms.