The Applied Intelligence Research Centre has a diverse team.

The project will focus on multi-disciplinary research in Mental Workload (MWL) modelling. It will lead to a major understanding of the construct of mental workload (fundamental breakthrough). It will provide human-centered designers with an interpretable and explainable model of MWL for real-time prediction of task performance, a revolutionary contribution to the field of Human-Computer Interaction (applied breakthrough). This Scholarship is funded by TU Dublin Researcher award under the supervision of Dr. Luca Longo. After working as a Lecturer, for the subjects ML and NLP field for over 7+ years, I have developed extensive knowledge and expertise in the field and gained valuable experience in various aspects of this job. I understand that the candidate's education is an important part of the position and therefore it's my pleasure to tell you that I'm a Computer Engineering Postgraduate from one of the best Institute from Karnataka, India.