Precise Poultry

Analytics Supported Decision Systems in Poultry Farming

Electronic Control Units (ECUs) have become commonplace on poultry farms to provide a central point at which environmental systems can be managed and monitored. Although these units provide farmers with up the minute information on the current state of their systems, they inthemselves provide no insights to farmers that can allow farmers to optimize their environmentsby analyzing bird behaviour and flock activity over time or in comparison to aggregated ‘normal’. An automated analysis of these factors in a human usable format would provide very real advantages to farmers as end users in terms of allowing maximization of profits whilst maintaining high standards of wellbeing for poultry flocks. In this project we will provide an integrated framework for analytics that introduces video data availablefrom standard cameras and investigate the real time analysis and reporting of factors affecting performance rated in poultry flocks. The assumption being that ‘normal’ performance leads to optimumreturn on investment for the farmer.


Start Date: 01/03/2016
End Date: 31/8/2017


Enterprise Ireland

Lead PI(s)

Dr. Robert Ross

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